Captain America: The Winter Soldier by Laura Racero

Everyone keeps coming out to take a piss or get a drink of water and they’re all like “omg your still awake?” uhhh yeah. I took a six and a half hour nap and you fuckers didn’t think to wake me up before midnight, so.


the thing is, Bucky only has like, 10 lines in CATWS. but 9 out of those 10 lines make you wanna set yourself on fire.

teen wolf + badass entrances


do you think sebastian stan cries about bucky and whispers, “its okay bucky. i know youre not a bad guy.” 

make me choose • reedusdixons asked Maggie Greene or Beth Greene?

Took a nap earlier and can’t sleep, so I’m getting drunk and watching Captain America.

if all of the strength and all of the courage
come and lift me from this place

Sarah + impersonating her genetic identicals


mithrandy asked: Loki or Bucky?

my grandmother: did she eat the rest of that brussel sprout...?
tesla: ...
my grandmother: go in there and eat it, you fool!


In honor of the two conflicting holidays